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CO2 reactor

Supercritical Chemical Reaction Equipment

Supercritical fluid reaction equipment

Supercritical Chemical Reaction

What is supercritical chemical reaction

Supercritical Chemical Reaction Equipment

Supercritical chemical reaction refers to the reaction being in a supercritical state or the reaction being carried out in a supercritical medium. The critical temperature of the supercritical medium should be close to the reaction operating temperature, non-corrosive to the device, low critical pressure, and high selectivity and solubility.

Characteristics of supercritical chemical reactions

Supercritical Chemical Reaction Equipment

Since the supercritical fluid has the properties of liquid and gas, that is, the density of the liquid, the viscosity of the gas, and the pressure adjustment, the solubility can be varied within a wide range.

Therefore, in the chemical reaction, the solubility of the supercritical fluid is multiplied to capture the heterogeneous reaction into a homogeneous reaction, which increases the mass transfer rate, thereby increasing the reaction rate and simplifying product separation.

Supercritical CO2 chemical reaction

Due to the chemical inertness of supercritical CO2 and the easy realization of critical conditions, the research on supercritical CO2 as a reaction medium has developed rapidly in recent years.

The current research types mainly include selective oxidation, hydrogenation, hydroformylation, alkylation, polymerization, esterification, transesterification, and enzymatic reaction.

The supercritical CO2 chemical reaction can reduce the reaction temperature, increase the conversion rate of the reactants and the selectivity of the product, increase the reaction rate, and greatly improve the stability of the catalyst.

Characteristics Of Supercritical Chemical Reactions

  • In the supercritical state, the pressure has a strong influence on the reaction rate constant, and a slight pressure change can cause the reaction rate constant to change by several orders of magnitude.
  • The chemical reaction in the supercritical state can make the traditional heterogeneous reaction into a homogeneous reaction, that is, the reactants and even the catalyst are dissolved in the super critical fluid (SCF), thereby eliminating the reaction between the reactant and the catalyst. Diffusion limits increase the reaction rate.
  • Chemical reaction in a supercritical state can reduce some access reaction temperatures, inhibit or reduce the carbon deposits commonly found in pyrolysis reactions, and significantly improve product selectivity and yield.
  • Using the sensitivity of SCF solubility to temperature and pressure, you can choose the appropriate temperature and pressure conditions to make the product insoluble in the supercritical reaction phase and remove it in time, can also gradually adjust the temperature and pressure of the system, so that the product and The reactants are sequentially removed from the SCF, respectively, to facilitate separation of the product, reactants, catalyst, and by-products. It is apparent that the insoluble product in the reaction phase will allow the reaction to proceed in a direction favoring the formation of the desired product.
  • SCF can dissolve some substances which cause the deactivation of the solid catalyst, so that it is possible to keep the activity of the catalyst in the SCF-solid catalytic reaction for a long time, and at the same time, by adjusting the temperature and pressure, the reaction mixture is in a supercritical state, which can be lost. The living catalyst gradually recovers its catalytic activity.

Supercritical Chemical Reaction Equipment


Lab 1~10LThe system configuration is the most complete, the design parameters are the broadest, and the most widely used for the supercritical reaction of various materials for scientific research needs;The process pipeline can be changed and expanded at any time according to user needs;Unique design reactor and internal accessories, ready to be replaced, convenient for a variety of experimental needs;Equipped with safety devices of different principles to protect the experimental operators, the system is safe and reliable;The device performance is excellent, the operation is simple, and the experimental data is stable and reliable;Select a variety of high-quality fittings for easy cleaning, maintenance, maintenance and replacement of accessories, suitable for laboratory test.
Pilot10~500LThe routing and equipment are planned and configured according to the customer-specified materials;Equipped with safety devices of different principles to protect the experimental operators, the system is safe and reliable;Designed with a unique quick-opening structure, good airtightness, simple and reliable operation;High level of self-control, stable and reliable product quality and experimental data, suitable for industrial scale to obtain design basis and small-scale production;
Industrial500L~The process layout is scientific and reasonable, the operation parameters are designed and selected, the heat and mass transfer efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the product quality is stable and reliable;Equipped with safety devices of different principles to protect the field operators, the system is safe and reliable;The level of self-control is high, the whole process operation is fully automatic control, and remote monitoring and remote technical support are available.

Supercritical chemical reaction system composition

Supercritical reaction complete set includes a reaction system, a separation system, a pressurization system, a heat exchange system, a heating system, a refrigeration system, a safety system, an electrical system, an instrument automatic control system, a data transmission remote monitoring system, a recovery system, an inflation system, and a pipeline. Various functional systems such as valves and auxiliary systems.

Each set of supercritical chemical reaction equipment is designed according to the process route and operating parameters of different reaction raw materials. The specific configuration and process plan will be adjusted according to the different needs of customers to achieve the best cost performance of the device.