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Small Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

CO2 Recyclable. Safe. Efficient. Versatile. CNC control.

Our small CO2 extraction equipment can be freely customized, with an extraction capacity from 1oz up to 1lb. In fact, we also classify 5000 ml co2 extractors as small CO2 extraction machines. They are the best supercritical CO2 Extractor you will see in the laboratory.

video of tabletop co2 extractor
desktop co2 extractor
100-200ml desktop co2 extractor
1 lb co2 extractor
1 lb co2 extractor for laboratory

BIT can provide 100-5000 ml laboratory small CO2 extraction machine with different specifications for feasibility study, small sample preparation, rapid supercritical CO2 extraction process screening, high degree of automation, complete system configuration, and wide design parameters.

500mL small CO2 extraction equipment configuration

Volume100-500 mLVolumeⅠ 300 mL, Ⅱ 300 mL
Max Working Pressure500barMax. working pressure Ⅰ Ⅱ 300bar
CO2 high-pressure pumpCO-SOLVENT PUMP
Outlet pressure500 barOutlet pressure400 bars
Max. flowrate50L/hMax. flowrate4L/h
Volume4 LParameters controlPLC / PC-based software with the recipe for automation
Working pressure85 bar Screen/Datalogging7 inches/Included
Power/CO23 phase/Food grade ≥99.5%HS code:8479200000
Installation2600×2500×2000mmAirport /Port of Lading:Shanghai  
Max Working Pressure500-900barBack pressure valvePneumatic control
Fractionating column300par 4-section gradient temperature control
500mL small CO2 extraction systems


500mL small CO2 extractor machine can be used for supercritical small-scale scientific research experiments and large-scale production of various materials and processes in universities, research institutes, food processing plants, pharmaceutical units, etc.