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Aerogel supercritical fluid drying equipment

Aerogel supercritical fluid drying equipment


Aerogel is a porous nanomaterial with high specific surface area and low bulk density.

Due to the unique nanostructure of aerogel, it has broad application prospects in aerospace, catalysis, environmental protection and other fields. Its preparation technology has become an emerging field of chemical engineering research.

Sol-gel method (Sol-gel) is a common method for preparing aerogels, which includes three processes: sol preparation, aerogel preparation and aerogel drying.

Aerogel drying

The drying process of aerogel is one of the important processes.

Traditional drying methods have the following adverse effects on the preparation of aerogels: the basic particles of the material become coarser, the specific surface area is greatly reduced, and the pores are greatly reduced. Supercritical fluid drying technology will not produce such adverse effects.

Supercritical fluid drying

Because supercritical fluid has both the properties of gas and liquid, there is no gas-liquid interface, so there is no surface tension. At this time, there is no additional pressure generated by surface tension in the capillary pores of the gel.

Therefore, the drying of aerogel under supercritical fluid conditions will not cause the collapse of the gel structure caused by additional pressure, avoiding the shrinkage of the aerogel during the drying process, and maintaining the aerogel network framework structure. , An ultrafine aerogel with high specific surface area, uniform particle size distribution and large pore volume is prepared.

Aerogel supercritical CO2 fluid drying equipment

Aerogel supercritical drying equipment
Aerogel supercritical fluid drying equipment

Composition of aerogel supercritical fluid drying equipment

Supercritical drying equipment is mainly composed of air source system, refrigeration system, flow control system, temperature control system, pressure control and regulation system, drying device, separation device, computer control system and electrical control, bracket box, etc.

Technical update of aerogel supercritical fluid drying equipment

BIT continuously upgrades its products in response to the research trend in the field of supercritical aerogel drying, and carries out a series of upgrades to the two major systems of dryer and pressure control, which further improves the scope of application and automation of the product.

Main Specifications

  • Gel dryer: 2L/40MPa, 350℃
  • Primary separator 0.6L/30MPa, 85℃
  • Ethanol rectifier: Φ34×1300/30MPa, 85℃
  • Refrigeration system: 3100kcal/h, air-cooled, core components imported from France
  • Storage tank: 4L/16MPa
  • Accumulator: 1L/50MPa
  • High pressure transfer pump: 50L/50MPa
  • Inverter: 2.2kW
  • Flowmeter: 6.3~63L/6.3MPa
  • Heating power: 8.4kW
  • Total power: 9kW
  • Power supply: AC380V 50Hz


  • It is suitable for drying silicon oxide, zirconium oxide, heat-sensitive animal and plant products, and the resulting products are used in:
  • Heat insulation and counter-reconnaissance in aerospace, military, blood bank and other fields;
  • Components, display devices, protective covers, high-temperature wave-transmitting materials in the fields of optoelectronics;
  • Improved activity, selectivity, and longevity in catalysts and other fields;
  • Diagnosis, drug delivery and biosensors in medical and other fields;
  • Fire-resistant, temperature-resistant, matt insulation in coatings and other fields;
  • Quality assurance and drying in the field of food and health products;

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