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Treasures In Vegetable Oil – Supercritical CO2 Extraction Technology Of Peony Seed Oil

Peony seed

Peony seed is the essence of peony plant. It inherits all the characteristics of peony. It has its own unique medicine and nutrients. Peony seed is a nut protected by double shell and seed shell. It has natural longevity gene.

Extraction of vegetable oils

The preparation of fats and oils is to produce unimpeded products, remove impurities, high yield, economical feasibility and produce a low residual oil rate, high added value of strontium and slag. Animal fats are generally easy to remove oils, and vegetable oils and fats are generally contained in tiny cells buried deep in the fiber structure of the fabric and are not easily removed.

Therefore, in the extraction of vegetable oils and fats, most of the materials need to be crushed, rolled to make the cells rupture, heat treatment is required, and sometimes water is added to facilitate the release of the oil. The heat treatment also helps to harden the broken plant tissue, and the oil therein is subjected to pressure pressing.

Method of supercritical CO2 extraction of peony seed oil

Supercritical CO2 extraction technology

Supercritical CO2 fluid refers to CO2 above the critical temperature and pressure, which has the gas-liquid dual nature between gas and liquid, thus having higher liquid solubility and higher gas flow than ordinary liquid solvent.

The mass transfer rate is high, and the diffusion coefficient is between liquid and gas, and has good permeability.

Supercritical CO2 extraction of peony seed oil

Method of supercritical CO2 extraction of peony seed oil

Peony seed sorting→shelling→drying→crushing→measuring water content→weighing→filling sealing→supercritical CO2 extraction→decompression separation→centrifugal removal→peony seed oil

Method of CO2 extracting peony seed oil

First, fresh, full, pest-free peony seeds were selected, and the sheller was dehulled and dried at 45 ° C to determine the water content of the peony seeds to 3.5%.

It was pulverized to a certain particle size by a pulverizer, and then sieved with a 40-mesh sieve for use. Prevents oxidation of peony seed oil by pulverization and overheating during the pulverization process.

Put into the extraction kettle, open the carbon dioxide bottle, pressurize the system with a high pressure pump, and set the appropriate sieve size, CO2 flow rate, extraction pressure, temperature, time and other conditions.

The pale yellow translucent oily extract in the separation kettle was collected.

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