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The Gospel Of Smokers -Application Of Supercritical CO2 Extraction In Tobacco Industry

Tobacco waste

Nearly 1/3 of the tobaccorods in the tobacco factory are thrown away as scrap.

In the process ofcigarette making and processing, a small amount of tobacco, tobacco residue andother waste materials will be produced, and then processed into cigarettes willaffect the internal quality of cigarettes, such as direct waste, not only willproduce pollution, but also a waste of resources.

However, these tobacco waste contains a variety of valuable ingredients, such as nicotine, solanesol,carbohydrates, organic acids, etc. Nicotine, solanesol and other importantvaluable components in tobacco.

By using the supercritical fluid extraction method, the valuable components such as nicotine and tobacco oil can be extracted, which can turn waste into treasure and improve the comprehensive benefitof tobacco and protect the environment.

Nicotine extraction


Nicotine,also known as nicotine, is a unique alkaloid in tobacco, chemical name is1-Methyl-2 (3′-pyridyl) pyrrolidine, molecular formula C10H14N2, molecular weight 162, is a heterocyclic compound containing helium.

Nicotine, thoughhighly toxic, is widely used in chemicals, pesticides and medicines. Nicotine,through its receptors acting on the central neurotransmitter system, increasesthe release of dopamine, thus protecting the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease.

Nicotine is also used as a drug for the treatment of cardiovasculardiseases, skin diseases, snake venom and insect bites.

The demand for intermediate raw materials, especially high purity natural nicotine, has becomeone of the most popular products in the international market.

CO2 extraction nicotine

Nicotine was separated and purified from tobacco leaves by supercritical CO2 extraction,acid-base pretreatment and column chromatography. The purity of nicotine wasover 98%.

Extraction of pure tobacco oil

Tobacco oil is a high-quality tobacco flavor similar to natural raw materials.

Its volatile chemical components have been identified by GC/MS, mainly including 3-methylvaleric acid, valeric acid, solanedione, dihydroactinide lactone, soy ketone, β-Damascus ketone, neophytadiene, β-violet Tobacco aroma components such as alcohol and perilla lactone.


E-liquid has the effect of penetrating the aroma of tobacco, making the smoke sweet, delicate and soft, reducing irritation, concealing impurities, and significantly improving the smoking quality of cigarettes.

Supercritical fluid extraction

Supercritical fluid mixture is used to extract tobacco oil from the fragrant tobacco extract.

The extraction temperature is 40°C, the extraction pressure is 25-30 MPa, the amount of entrainer is 4% to 6%, the CO2 flow rate is 2L/min, and the extraction time is 3 hours. The extraction rate of smoke oil can be increased to more than 8%.

Solanesol extraction

Solanesol is a waxy white solid, easily soluble in organic solvents, with a melting point of 41.5-42.5 degrees Celsius.

Solanesol accounts for 0.3%-4.5% of the total tobacco.

Solanesol plays an important role in biochemistry and is an important raw material for drug synthesis. It is an intermediate in pan-cheese, and can also be used as a side chain of medicinal ladybug Q (cardiotonic) and vitamin K. Since solanesol itself contains many non-conjugated double bonds, it has a strong ability to absorb free radicals.

Using supercritical fluid extraction, solanesol can be extracted from tobacco residue or tobacco oil.

Extract natural flavors and fragrances for tobacco

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the sensory qualities such as the amount of aroma and harmony of cigarette products are getting higher and higher.

More and more people in the world believe in the concept of “Natural is safe”, so natural flavors occupy an extremely important position in the flavor and fragrance industry.

Because natural fragrances have unique fragrances that cannot be replaced by synthetic fragrances, they contain a large number of unclarified trace components, which make a special contribution to fragrance and nature. Most flavors are non-toxic and have no side effects, so they are widely used in cigarette product design.

Essential oils are the volatile aromatic components of many plants and can be used as tobacco flavors. Most of these components are unstable and easily deteriorated or volatilized by heat.

Supercritical CO2 extraction with low operating temperature is an ideal alternative to traditional steam distillation and organic solvent extraction.

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