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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Of Dry Pepper

Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment

Supercritical fluid extraction equipment utilizes the high permeability and high solubility of carbon dioxide, and uses carbon dioxide as a solvent to extract and separate the mixture in a supercritical state (temperature: 31.3°C, pressure: 7.15MPa).

Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology has the characteristics of good environment, safe operation, no harmful residues, high product quality, and ability to maintain inherent odor.


Pepper is a plant of the genus Capsicum and is widely regarded as a condiment that people like to eat. It not only enhances flavor, but also adds color to life.

There are many famous dishes at home and abroad, spicy and spicy. Is its main feature.

In addition, pepper is also rich in a variety of active ingredients and trace elements and minerals required by the human body.

China is a major producer of peppers, and they are grown in large areas throughout the country.

According to statistics, China’s pepper planting area reaches 1.42 million hectares, with an annual output of 130 billion kilograms, ranking first in the world. But China is not a strong country in pepper processing.

At present, the largest consumption mode of chili peppers in my country is edible, which has low economic benefits, and the development and utilization of the functional active ingredients contained in chili peppers is not enough.

Even if there are individual products, the market competitiveness is weak due to low product quality and low extraction rate.

At present, the deep processing of peppers is mainly to extract capsaicin and capsanthin from dried peppers.


Capsanthin is a high-quality natural food coloring, and its safety has been recognized worldwide.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have listed capsaicin as a type A pigment, and its use is not restricted. It can also be widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Capsanthin is widely used as a natural food coloring in the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, Spain, Mexico and Southeast Asian countries.


Capsaicin is a natural plant alkaloid, an effective ingredient extracted from the mature fruits of the Solanaceae plant pepper. Mainly used for analgesia and itching. Its analgesic effect is equivalent to morphine, but more like morphine. lasting.

The traditional methods of extracting capsanthin and capsaicin from peppers can be roughly divided into two methods: the oil-soluble method and the solvent method. Among them, the oil solution method has a low extraction rate, while the solvent method has organic solvent residues.

Both methods will have an adverse effect on the quality of dried peppers.

Supercritical CO2 extraction capsanthin

Therefore, there is an urgent need in the domestic market for a high-efficiency, residue-free, and unaffected quality extraction method for dried peppers. The supercritical fluid extraction method has high technical content and high product color price. At present, most of my country’s capsicum pigment manufacturers use the solvent method, and the product quality is poor.

Based on the material properties of dried chili, we designed and developed a supercritical fluid deep processing technology for dried chili. Using dried chili as raw material, supercritical CO2 is used to extract the pigment and capsaicin in the chili. The pepper was crushed first, and the effects of extraction temperature, extraction pressure and CO2 flow rate on extraction rate were studied. The process research was carried out based on the comprehensive indicators of yield and purity as evaluation criteria.

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