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Supercritical CO2 Extraction And Several Other Methods Of Hemp Oil Extraction

CBD oil

Supercritical CO2 extraction of CBD oil
Supercritical CO2 extraction of CBD oil

One of the most common questions about our CBD oil issue is why it is so expensive? This problem usually comes from supermarkets and pharmacies who sell cannabis oil at very low prices. Cannabis oil is an important element.

CBD oil extraction

The short answer for CBD oil extraction is because CBD oil is different from hemp seed oil. This is because the extraction technique used to produce cannabinoid-rich products is different from the extraction techniques used to obtain oil from cannabis seeds.

Hemp Seed Oil By cold-pressing the seeds and then extracting the oil, this process is very easy to implement at home and does not require special equipment or solvents. However, please note that this product is different from the healthy supplements we produce, so it is worth considering the different hempseed oil extraction methods used to obtain the product.

Cold pressed Hemp Seed Oill extraction method

Hempseed oil is nutritious and a good supplement to any diet, but contains only a very small amount of cannabinoid because it is made from the seeds of the plant. This oil is simply obtained by pressing or grinding the seeds at a temperature of less than 120°F and retaining its nutritional value and taste.

Although not a nutritional supplement, hempseed oil can be added as a basis for these products to CBD supplements. CBD oil extracts tend to be thicker and therefore more difficult to handle, and mixing them into a hemp seed oil base can solve this problem. Cold pressing is a good way to obtain hemp seed oil, but for CBD oil production this is unfavorable because CBD oil is obtained from the stems and stems of the plant.

Rick Simpson Method CBD Oil

Another popular extraction method for CBD oil is Rick Simpson technology, which uses petroleum or naphtha as a solvent. In this method, although the active compound extracted from the hemp plant is effective, it usually leads to a lower concentration of the product or a higher concentration of THC in the terpenes and CBD.

So if you want to get CBD-rich oil, then this is not the best option. This is also considered unsafe because it may interfere with residues of residual solvent in the immune function.

Extraction with ethanol or olive oil

Ethanol and olive oil can be used to extract a full range of cannabinoids from cannabis plants, which also have the advantage of safe consumption.

On the other hand, ethanol also extracts chlorophyll, so the final product tastes bad and green is not attractive. Chlorophyll can be removed by filtering the extract, but this additional step can also remove a significant proportion of CBD resulting in a less effective oil.

Olive oil can be another option, but it has its drawbacks. The advantage of extracting cannabinoids with olive oil is that the technique is very simple; simply heat the oil to 200°F and filter the extract. Unfortunately, this extract cannot be concentrated. Although it contains CBD, you will need to consume large amounts of CBD oil in order to see significant health effects.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction CBD Oil Extraction Technology

Finally, a more expensive but non-toxic and extremely effective method to obtain CBD oil is CO2 extraction. This requires sophisticated equipment and expertise but uses safe solvents and ensures a highly effective and pure extract.

The CBD oil obtained by supercritical extraction is a rich product of a full spectrum of cannabinoids with many health benefits. The oil is transparent and amber. It is superior to the extract obtained by the aforementioned technique. You can read more about this method in our education section.

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