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Comparison of ginger essential oil extracted by two extraction methods

Let’s talk about different extraction methods to release the color and composition of essential oils today.

Nowadays, the most commonly used extraction method is dissolution, and ginger is said to have dissolution, supercritical, and sub-micron.

Steam distillation extraction

Five categories of essential oils
Steam distillation extraction

Electric heating (or heating by other means) water produces water vapor (or directly produces water vapor), the internal pressure passes through the externally linked oil outlet, and the water in and out of the water condenses through the middle, and then the gas and liquid words, the essential oil and pure dew are removed through removal The ginger oil that comes out is light yellow in color and transparent.

Supercritical CO2 extraction

ginger essential oil supercritical CO2 extraction equipment
ginger essential oil supercritical CO2 extraction equipment

Supercritically extracted ginger essential oil. Ultra-low temperature and high pressure, under high pressure, the crystallization will fully combine with ginger in the form of fluid, thereby extracting both large and small molecules. Because of its low temperature characteristics, it will not destroy the active ingredients.

Why is ginger essential oil so hot by supercritical extraction?

The ginger rhizome is extracted by water vapor because the food oil contains almost no high boiling point ingredients. The essential oil is transparent and light yellow is more transparent. Along with the chemical components of the water, some of the flavors in ginger can be extracted separately; therefore, the extracted ginger oil is milder.

Ginger essential oil extracted by supercritical CO2 includes large and small molecules and pump components. Gingerol is a substance with a high content of components in ginger, which can completely achieve the consistency of spicy flavor.

So if you are healthy, supercritically extracted ginger oil is very good! In addition, the color of supercritical extraction ginger is dark and more thorough, pay attention!

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