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Prospects and Prospects of Supercritical Extraction Technology


After more than 40 years of research, people have had a profound understanding of supercritical extraction technology. The extraction and purification of health products, cosmetics, food additives, spices, and natural Chinese herbs are still important areas for the research and application of supercritical fluids.

The research and development work for supercritical extraction is in the ascendant, and the main reason is the huge potential market demand.

Research of SFE technology

At present, research and application of SFE technology are on the rise in the world.

Germany, Japan, and the United States have taken a leading position. Research results in the fields of medicine, chemicals, food, light industry, and environmental protection continue to come out. Industrialized large-scale SFE equipment has 5000L to 10000L.

Research focus

At present, the research focus of supercritical fluid extraction in the world has shifted.

In order to obtain high-value-added products with higher purity, more and more studies have been conducted on the countercurrent extraction and fractional extraction of supercritical fluids; the reaction under supercritical conditions has been studied. It has become an important point, especially for reactions under the conditions of supercritical water and supercritical carbon dioxide, which people attach more importance to; and the application of supercritical fluid technology is more extensive.

In addition to natural product extraction and organic synthesis, there are also environmental protection, material processing, paint and dyeing, biotechnology and medicine; basic theoretical research on supercritical fluid technology has been strengthened. These international trends are worth our attention.

Modernization of Chinese medicine

SFE technology is essential for the modernization of Chinese medicine.

  1. It is necessary to shift from simple intermediate raw material extraction to the development and utilization of new compound Chinese medicines, or to the improvement or secondary development of the currently produced famous proprietary Chinese medicines;
  2. To strengthen the application of analytical supercritical fluid extraction or supercritical chromatography in the analysis of traditional Chinese medicines, Continuously reforming traditional analytical methods;
  3. Supercritical fluid crystallization technology and preparation of ultra-fine particles can be used for the development of new dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicines, and application in Chinese medicine preparations should be strengthened to promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

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