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Industrialized Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment Has Unparalleled Advantages


  • The industrial supercritical CO2extraction equipment has a low critical temperature and is suitable for the extraction and purification of heat sensitive compounds.
  • It can provide aninert environment, avoid product oxidation, does not affect the activecomponents of the extract, has a fast extraction speed, is non- toxic,non-flammable, safe to use, polluted environment.
  • Industrial supercritical CO2 extraction equipment has no solvent residue, no nitrate and heavy metal ions。
  • The extraction kettle pressure ring is opened quickly, O-ring is imported, the useperiod is more than 4 months, can be designed and produced according to the “GMP” standard , can be in accordance with the explosion-proofstandard Design and production.
  • The industrial supercritical CO2 extraction equipment can be equipped with computer data acquisition and printing (flow,pressure, temperature) system.
  • All the valve stems of the valve are speciallyheat-treated, durable and adopt a safer and more reliable double ferrulesealing structure.


A set of industrial supercritical CO2extraction equipment, including: display controller, alarm device, ventingdevice, rupture disk protection device, automatic heating and temperaturecontrol system, automatic pressure control system, automatic flow controlsystem, with 10,000 The steering wheel is movable device bracket, completepipeline, pressure regulating valve, precision metering valve, etc., receiving unit.

Extraction process

The industrial supercritical CO2 extraction equipment extraction process is a new chemical separation technology developed by using fluids with criticalpressure and critical temperature to increase the solubility. Since thephenomenon of increased fluid solubility in the supercritical state isubiquitous, theoretically supercritical fluid extraction technology can be widely applied as a general and efficient separation technique.

Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment
Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment
  • Industrialized supercritical CO2 extraction equipment has both gas and liquid properties.
  • Therefore, supercritical fluid has both liquid solubility and good gas flow and transferperformance, and near the critical point, small changes in pressure andtemperature are likely to be significant.
  • Change the fluid solubility and control the separation process. The industrial supercritical CO2 extraction equipment consists of only two parts, the extractor and the separator. It doesnot require solvent recovery equipment.
  • Compared with the traditionalseparation process, the process is simplified and energy is saved.

Industrial application

The key toindustrial application of supercritical fluid extraction technology lies inequipment. Supercritical high pressure extraction equipment has frequent switching, high operating pressure, lack of design experience and effectivedesign methods.

Industrialized supercritical CO2extraction equipment technology is a new chemical separation technology developed rapidly in recent years in the world, and is widely used in chemical,pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, materials and other researchfields. The extraction kettle is the core equipment of supercritical extractiontechnology. It must be resistant to high pressure, corrosion, sealing and reliable operation.

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