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Comparison Between Traditional Extraction And Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Technical advantages of Supercritical Fluid Extraction

  • High purity
  • No chemical reaction.
  • Short processing time
  • Low temperature extraction
  • No solvents
Advantage of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
Advantage of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction

  • Supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction at low temperature slightly higher than room temperature (31 C) extraction at low temperature, does not change or destroy vulnerable components; suitable for the separation of heat sensitive substances.
  • Colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, non-residual, environmentally friendly, at atmospheric pressure for gas, no residual odor damage products, and it is easy to separate from the product, retaining the most original flavor of the material.
  • Carbon dioxide is chemically inert, oxygen-free, and does not play a chemical role; it does not change or destroy the active ingredients in the extract. And the supercritical extraction process is closed, so the products extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide fluid can extend the shelf life.
  • The optimum solubility of each component can be obtained by adjusting the extraction temperature and pressure, or by adding modifiers and using high purity carbon dioxide, high purity extracts can be obtained.
  • Adding organic solvents to conventional solvent extraction processes in general factories not only takes a long time, but also seriously affects the environment, ecology and cost. In addition, organic solvents may produce by-products such as water due to their oxidation. However, carbon dioxide will not produce oxidation and the above adverse effects.


Distillation can extract most of the essential oils, but because the essential oils themselves are heat sensitive, the resulting essential oils will deteriorate due to high temperature and can not retain the original composition of the substance. The process is too long and the drying temperature is high enough to remove moisture.


Squeezing is very easy to destroy the original structure of raw materials, thereby affecting the quality of products and causing the appearance of unexpected products, easy to deteriorate products. Short process and low cost are its advantages.

Organic solvent extraction

Organic solvent extraction is time-consuming and inexpensive. It is popular in perfume and essential oils industry. However, after extraction, organic solvents are not easy to separate. Chloroform or phenyl solvents are carcinogenic.

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