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5 key points for you to understand ginger essential oil

Ginger history

Speaking of ginger essential oil, from the history of ginger, ginger is mainly distributed in central and eastern China, southeast to southwest. There are more plants in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Yunnan and Guangxi. Because the gingerol in ginger has a certain stimulating effect on the heart and blood vessels, ginger essential oil can promote blood circulation, promote digestion and increase appetite.

Origin and quality differences

Several factors that affect the quality of essential oils are, in order, origin, quality, and dryness. After several years of supercritical essential oil extraction, the different quality of different origins and the dryness of the materials will directly affect the output ratio of essential oils.

As far as the place of origin is concerned, we have to start with the climate

Shandong’s ginger has a dry climate, and ginger is afraid of drought and waterlogging. Shandong has four distinct seasons, with relatively uniform rain and shorter light hours than Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Yunnan, so the ginger grown is of middle quality. The climate in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is humid and rainy, and the quality of ginger is the second. Yunnan and Guangxi belong to Jiangxi’s warm and humid environment. The local climate is basically above 15℃ throughout the year, which is very suitable for the growth of ginger. Moreover, the light time is long, and the ginger produced contains high gingerol ingredients.

In terms of ginger quality, ginger is divided into ginger, old ginger, and mother ginger. Laomu ginger is a kind of ginger, which is divided into one year, two years and three years old ginger. The longer the age, the better the medicinal value of ginger. The so-called ginger is still hot, so we generally choose the three-year Luoping old ginger. Capsaicin is high in content and effective.

In terms of ginger form, it is divided into ginger, ginger slices, and ginger powder. The oil yield rate is ginger> ginger slice> ginger powder. Generally speaking, for the choice of extracting ginger essential oil, it must be selected without soaking in medicinal water, without sulfur, and the drying temperature is set to 60° for half an hour, and the follow-up does not exceed 50° until drying. Most companies pursue high-temperature drying at high speed. The process causes a lot of ginger components to be lost.

Ginger oil supercritical CO2 extraction equipment
Ginger oil supercritical CO2 extraction equipment

Ginger powder is dried ginger grinding powder, but many of the ginger juices I have come into contact with have been dried into powder and called ginger powder. After extraction, the content of its components is reduced a lot, and the output is not as high as the content of natural components. Reduce a lot.

Uses of ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil is divided into distilled ginger essential oil. The essential oil obtained by this extraction method contains low gingerol content and has a weak taste and is suitable for facial skin care. Ginger essential oil extracted by supercritical CO2, because of its low temperature and high pressure characteristics, contains high gingerol content and is suitable for body massage.

Essential oil characteristics

The spicyness of ginger essential oil is not the spicyness of chili, the spicyness of chili is pungent, and ginger essential oil is mildly spicy. It is produced from the skin feel, if it feels hot, it may be that the essential oil is added with chili. The hotness of ginger is that the body feels hot, and the place where it is applied is hot rather than stinging.

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