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Absolutely Original Supercritical CO2 Extraction Technology

Extraction technology

When you are shopping for essential oils that are famous for their various functions or want to buy health foods with Chinese herbal extracts, have you ever wondered how these “special ingredients” are extracted?

Extraction technology was developed to use high-temperature steam (but not soluble in fat), or use organic solvents to extract these special components (because most of them are insoluble in water). Organic molecules).

There is now a “supercritical CO2” extraction technology that can avoid potential safety hazards caused by high temperature damage to these nutrients or organic solvent residues.

Supercritical fluid

Let’s talk about supercritical fluid first! It is neither liquid nor gas. At temperatures and pressures above the critical point, the boundary between the liquid phase and the gas phase disappears.

The line near the critical point is very vertical, which means that we can change the density and solubility of certain substances by slightly adjusting the pressure and temperature. When CO2 is removed, CO2 will become a gas. Leave it and collect it and turn it into a liquid phase for reuse.

Therefore, supercritical CO2 can extract fat-soluble nutrients at a temperature of 30 degrees. Especially, the supercritical fluid has a low surface tension and can penetrate into the nanopores like a thick toothpick without cracks. Does not extract vegetable residue.

Supercritical CO2 has high fluidity and strong extraction power. It uses pressure and temperature control to separate different components under different conditions. It can process agricultural raw materials, such as burdock, sesame oil, ginseng, peach, ginger, etc.

In addition to providing general solid supercritical CO2 extraction, we also provide liquid supercritical CO2 extraction, which can be developed into health foods, essential oils, microcapsules and more products. As for some water-soluble components, such as polyphenols, high-temperature steam extraction is used.

What can we do

We can assist in the development process, help detect and analyze the composition of raw materials, and assist SMEs in the development of high-value products.

We not only help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome technical barriers, but also form upstream and downstream manufacturers-raw materials, manufacturing, medicine, and marketing-to form cooperative communities. Screen suitable raw materials from raw materials→find economic value→customized extraction→trial production→development and marketing.

In the past, to import equipment from abroad, it may be necessary to purchase a full set of expensive equipment, which can be designed according to time, budget, and quality, and the process can be optimized, as well as trial production in the intermediate factory, assisting in the purchase of equipment and the establishment of a factory, so as to achieve systematization and localization.

tely Original Extraction Technology – Supercritical CO2 Extraction Technology

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