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Tabletop CO2 Extractor/Small CO2 Extraction Machine

Small CO2 Extraction Machines (Including Tabletop CO2 Extractors), usually used in laboratories, and also is household essential oil CO2 extraction machines.
desktop co2 extractor
Desktop co2 extractor

A Desktop CO2 extractor is a small CO2 extraction machine, It is usually used in the laboratory of the extraction company, and some individuals also use it in household CO2 extraction equipment to extract plant essential oils.

If it is divided into functional applications, the desktop CO2 extractor is a laboratory-level supercritical small CO2 extraction machine. It is mainly used for small CO2 extraction experiments to obtain fine extraction parameters, and the extraction capacity needs to be small so that it will not require more investment and waste of raw materials. After obtaining suitable extraction process parameters, the extraction company will use them for large-scale industrial production or medium-scale scale-up experiments to verify the rationality of the obtained extraction process.

Of course, we can also distinguish between small CO2 extraction machines (including desktop CO2 extractors) and pilot-scale CO2 or industrial CO2 extraction machines from the extraction capacity. Their extraction capacity is generally between 100ml to 5000ml. Because the extraction vessel, biomass basket, separation vessel, and piping of a large-capacity extraction machine are large relative to laboratory-scale CO2 extractors, a considerable portion of the CO2 extract will adhere to the above-mentioned on the walls of the container and pipeline, thus affecting the accuracy of the experimental parameters.

1 lb co2 extractor

1 lb co2 extractor
1 lb co2 extractor for laboratory

The BIT model L-2000 machine is a very classic CO2 extractor, its extraction vessel is two liters volume, and its actual extraction capacity is about 1LB weight of dry biomass.
It is considerably larger than the L-200 and is ideal for extraction work in the garage. The price of this small CO2 extraction machine is very cheap, less than twenty-five thousand dollars. The functions are very complete, CNC automatic control of extraction and separation temperature, extraction data log export, etc.

Types of BIT Small CO2 Extraction Machine

Regarding small CO2 extraction machines for laboratory or home use, we have some standard models, below we provide a list of models for purchase reference:

L-100100mL, 350bar I:50mL , 200bar / II:20mL , 140barNoneNoneNone
L-200200mL, 350bar I:100mL , 200bar / II:60mL , 140barNoneNoneNone
L-500500mL , 500barI:300mL , 200bar / II:200mL, 160barOptionalOptionalOptional
L-10001000mL , 500barI:600mL , 200bar/ II:300mL, 160barOptionalOptionalOptional
L-20002000mL , 500barI:1000mL  , 200bar/ II:600mL, 160barOptionalOptionalOptional
L-50005000mL , 500barI:2000mL , 200bar/ II:1000mL, 160barOptionalOptionalOptional
100 up to 5000 ml small CO2 machine configuration table

Advantage of BIT L series small CO2 extraction machine

  • Unlike desktop CO2 extractors on the market, BIT’s desktop CO2 extractors and other up to 5000ml machines are closed-loop CO2 extractors. This means that CO2 gas is recycled in the machine during the extraction process, eliminating the need for frequent replenishment of CO2 gas. If a second extractor is used, more gas can be saved by introducing the gas from the end-of-work vessel into the ready-to-work extraction vessel at the end of the extraction.
  • A CO2 gas intermediate storage container is provided as standard. The CO2 liquid passing through the separation vessel is stored here through the filter, ready for the next cycle of extraction.
  • High-flow CO2 high-pressure three-plunger pump, pump head with cooling system, to ensure the CO2 flow requirements in the experiment.
  • A co-solvent system is configured to expand the CO2 extraction method.
  • A filter is arranged in the working circuit pipeline of the extractor, and the filter material can be changed freely to adapt to the extraction of various biomasses.
  • At least three safety inspection points ensure that the extraction pressure of the circuit is within the standard range to ensure the safety of the operator.
  • CNC control system, man-machine friendly graphical control operation interface, extraction is simpler.


  1. Complete configuration, and wide parameters, can be most widely used in the research and development of supercritical fluid extraction of various materials;
  2. Parallel with a variety of different safety devices to maximize the protection of experimental operators, the system is safe and reliable;
  3. According to the needs of customers, we choose various automatic control systems, which are easy to operate and convenient for data collection.
  4. The co2 extraction machine pipelines are all connected by double ferrules, which can be changed and expanded at any time according to user needs;
  5. The use of high-quality valve lines makes it easy to clean, maintain, maintain and replace parts, suitable for laboratory trials.