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Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine

Industrial CO2 extraction machines are usually multiple extraction vessels (2, 3, 4, and 6 extraction vessels in combination, our suggestion is that the extraction vessel group consists of 2 or 3 extraction vessels) working in series or in parallel, the sealing device adopts a clamp-type hydraulic automatic quick-opening structure; the minimum number of separation vessels can be 2 or 3, which can be customized according to needs; the special process is also equipped with a supercritical fractionation system.

2100L Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine

The extraction working solvent is CO2 gas, and the CO2 gas can be recycled during the working process. The CO2 extractor is fully automatic control equipment. The extraction and separation pressure and temperature are all automatically controlled and can realize remote computer monitoring of parameters. The series and parallel operation of the valves between the extraction containers are all automatically controlled. During the working process, the maximum working pressure of each extraction container adopts a pressure detection sensor, safety valve, and control signal interlocking four-fold control, which is safe and reliable.

The inner walls, pipes, and pipe fittings of the industrial CO2 extraction machine that are in contact with biomass and extracts are all made of stainless steel with acid and alkali resistance that is suitable for GMP requirements. The medium CO2 in the extraction process of the supercritical CO2 extraction machine can be recycled and utilized to maximize the use of CO2.

The conventional design pressure of Industrial CO2 Extraction Machines is 350bar, and the maximum working pressure is 320bar. Excessive design pressure will increase the manufacturing cost.

In the CO2 extraction process, temperature adjustment is required to achieve the purpose of extraction. All containers and pipes must be insulated with materials to reduce energy loss.

System composition of CO2 extraction machine

The industrial CO2 extraction machine is composed of a CO2 gas filling system, extraction and separation system, CO2 gas circulation system, cleaning system, carrier system, chilled water circulation system, hot water circulation system, rack platform, control system, exhaust gas recovery system, etc.

CO2 Filling System

Before the operation of the industrial CO2 extraction machine or during the operation of the equipment, the liquid CO2 is injected into the precooler from the outdoor storage tank through the low-temperature CO2 transfer pump. The CO2 filling system mainly includes an outdoor CO2 delivery pump and an outdoor storage tank.

Extraction and Separation Systems

The liquid CO2 is pressurized by the CO2 high-pressure pump to reach the supercritical state and becomes a fluid state, and then reaches the pressure required by the extraction process, and flows through the preheater.

The material basket of the extraction kettle is filled with dry biomass, which is hoisted into the extraction kettle with an electric hoist. The pure supercritical CO2 fluid enters from the bottom of the extraction vessel and passes through the material cylinder to the top of the extraction vessel during CO2 dissolution to extract the effective components in the raw material.

The extraction section of biomass contains multiple extraction vessels. Multiple extraction vessels can be used in parallel or in series.

The supercritical CO2 fluid dissolved in the extract flows into the separation unit. The separation is performed in two steps.

The supercritical CO2 fluid dissolved in the extract flows from the extractor through the first control valve to the primary separator. Through the throttling control of the control valve, some extraction components are resolved through the pressure drop in the primary separator, and the separated material can be received from the bottom of the primary separator.

The supercritical CO2 fluid that has not completely separated the extract flows to the secondary separator through the pipeline. Through the throttling control of the control valve, the low-pressure extraction components are separated and decomposed in the secondary separator, and then the co2 extract is received from the bottom of the secondary separator.

If there is a third-stage separation vessel, follow the previous step.

The extraction and separation system includes CO2 high-pressure pump, extraction heater, extraction kettle (including quick-opening device), material cylinder, separation container, and separation container heater.


  1. The Industrial scale supercritical CO2 extraction machine (SCFE) has good versatility, and the design is suitable for the industrial production of a variety of materials. The need is to expand at any time and double the processing capacity and capacity;
  2. The layout of the Industrial scale SCFE is scientific and reasonable, the extraction rate is high, the production time is short, the energy consumption is low, and the product quality is stable and reliable;
  3. The operating parameters are designed and selected to achieve the best cost performance of the device;
  4. It adopts multiple separation technologies to integrate and optimize, and according to different processing quantities, it is designed according to different process routes, and the maximum amount of equipment investment is reduced by customers.
  5. Fully automatic control of the entire process operation, automatic acquisition of data record storage and remote monitoring, and remote technical support.