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Supercritical CO2 extraction of rare amber essential oil

Agarwood essential oil molecular distillation equipment


Amber’s energy is very powerful and travels through time

Amber is a fossil formed by coniferous resin. The unique high-spirited and penetrating smell of coniferous essential oil, then the woody smell brought out by this penetrating power and the floral fragrance with a sense of time flow. The floral fragrance extracted from ordinary flowers is different. It is very quiet, like a good emerald, calm and radiant.

Amber is resin, and resin is originally a plant that heals its own wounds, and it is amber with a sense of time, so its spiritual effect on this aspect is more prominent.

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Amber secures the five internal organs, stabilizes the soul, eliminates congestion, cures poison, breaks scabs, generates blood and muscle, and has a fetus.” I always feel that the ancient Chinese ancestors had unique wisdom, but in fact, they knew everything.

It is also mentioned in Camille Picking the Crystal

“In ancient Europe, amber was often worn as a guardian stone to avoid the intrusion of evil spirits. This is because amber has the characteristics of blocking negative energy and bringing protection. Amber can help you awaken your desire for growth and strengthen your courage and self-confidence. Demonstrated, do not fear, do not become a victim of life events, can challenge yourself, break through the limitations cast by the ego, and become a force of active creation through continuous overcoming difficulties, and proving it to yourself. Amber can help you in Seeing hope in the face of adversity, believing in one’s own ability, disintegrating the consciousness of lack, and driving vitality and vitality.”

Co2 essential oil observation breathing exercises

  1. Rub a drop with your hands
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Visualize the flower opening from the central channel
  4. Watch quietly, just return to watch the breath ❤️
  5. Do a one-minute meditation

Observe breathing

From birth to death, the thing that never stops is “breathing”, and have you observed your own breathing? How many breaths do you take in a minute? “It’s not gimmicked, it’s physiology.” – Iceman Breathing Vinn. Hoff

Most people breathe 13, 15, 17, 20, or as many as 22 breaths per minute, even if they’re just sitting quietly in a chair and reading.

In fact, one minute of resting breathing rate, paying attention to as long as 6 to 10 times is enough.

According to your own time, adjust your most suitable time, there are many benefits of mindfulness breathing practice ❤️

Including Helps relax, Gives more energy, Improves sleep quality, Relieves headaches, is beneficial for extreme sports, Relieves back and neck problems, and relieves intestinal problems.

If we believe that natural remedies can improve health, the plants we get should also consider various influencing factors, such as harvesting season, harvesting time, farming method, irrigation method, and location area (region, altitude, climate), etc. . Therefore, some essential oils are only available for consumption during the season.

The extraction method is checked by the GMP factory, using supercritical Co2 whole plant extraction to provide the highest quality extraction effect, not only without solvents and other factors but also to ensure the most complete ingredient retention.

Special extraction method – CO2 extraction

Agarwood essential oil molecular distillation equipment
Agarwood essential oil molecular distillation equipment

The supercritical fluid carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method has the advantages of colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-combustible, non-reactive to most substances, and low gas cost; compared with common distillation and solvent extraction methods, it has low temperature and no solvent residue. Etc.

With only gas extraction, there will be no problem with solvent residue, and it also includes protection measures such as no metal contact.

Common carbon dioxide extraction essential oils include ginger, frankincense, and calendula essential oils. Due to the richer components, the texture is much thicker, and the smell is different from general distillation extraction.

Only take the first extraction, do not do multiple extractions.

Using supercritical extraction of essential oils is like falling into a flower bush and tasting the feeling and taste of all the ingredients of flowers.

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