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Hydrosols: Basics, 7 Applications, Preservation

In recent years, the use of hydrosols in aromatherapy has become more and more widespread. At first, I was looking for skin care products with simple ingredients, and then I found that the ingredients of hydrosols are very simple traces of plant extracts and water, which are used for the eyes. One bright, it’s amazing, this is the product I want! I immediately put in a lot of homework and bought a lot of hydrosols products.

Hydrosols: Basics, 7 Applications, Preservation

Today, let’s briefly introduce what hydrosols is.

What is Hydrosols?

When the essence of aromatic plants is extracted by distillation, the essential oils in the oil sacs of the plants will be extracted, and the steam will entrain the aromatic substances. It contains a lot of organic acids, which can soothe the discomfort caused by skin inflammation.

Simply put, hydrosol is a by-product of the distillation of essential oils. A long time ago, everyone thought that only essential oils had commercial value, so they all dumped hydrosols. Containing trace amounts of hydrophilic essential oil (quality), it began to be valued and became a popular commodity.

The essential oil extracted from the same plant will not have the same effect as the hydrosol, and most of the hydrosol is water, with some plant aromatic molecules, so it is very safe to use it directly on the skin, suitable for pets, It also has a good effect on the skin of the elderly and special groups.

Are Hydrosols the same as Flower water?

Basically, it refers to the same thing. In aromatherapy, the definition of hydrosol is “a product that is 100% natural, intact, unadulterated, and distilled from specific plant species”, and now on the market, some claim to be The actual ingredients of flower water products are pure water, essential oils, emulsifiers, and preservatives. Such products can be used as external skin care products, but they do not simply refer to the by-product of distilled essential oils – hydrosol.

7 major uses of hydrosols in life

When using lotion: The ph value of hydrosol is about 3.8-6. Each hydrosol is different. Hydrosol containing a lot of organic acids has the function of slightly softening the keratin. Packed in a spray bottle, it can be sprayed in large quantities. If you use hydrosols with floral fragrance, you can also immerse yourself in the fragrance of flowers while spraying, full of happiness.

  1. Wet compress: Use mask paper or cotton pads with hydrosols, and use a wet compress as a mask, which can make the skin absorb the essence of plants.
  2. When using hair lotion: After spraying your face, if you feel that your hair is too dry, just spray it on your hair! If the scalp is too oily, you can also spray hydrosols on the scalp to keep the scalp fresh! (Hydrosol suitable for oil control: tea tree, orange blossom, rosemary)
  3. Bathing: Because essential oils are insoluble in water, to use CO2 essential oils to take a bath, you must first mix the essential oils with shower gel (or other surfactants) before adding them into the water, while the hydrophilic hydrosol is directly added to the water to soak. It is convenient to take a bath and enjoy the fragrance of plants.
  4. Bathing and shampooing use: This is the way I have tried to use it recently. Squeeze about 2-3 times of shampoo (or shower gel), mix about 10cc of hydrosols, and then start shampooing (bathing) to let the aroma in The most relaxing bath time accompanies you, and also increases the consumption rate of hydrosols😆 .
  5. Add into the water oxygen machine: add water and hydrosols into the water oxygen machine, it is not as strong as the smell of dripping essential oil and water, but the smell of essential oil and water cannot last for a long time, and the smell of hydrosols sprayed from the water oxygen machine will be faint The taste lasts a long time.
  6. DIY handmade: handmade soaps, dry cleaners, and other DIY products, you can replace some pure water with hydrosols, so that the works can exude the aroma of plants.
  7. Oral: It is mentioned in the aromatherapy book that some symptoms can be improved by oral administration. I usually add hydrosol to drinking water or add a little hydrosol to the drink to increase the flavor.

‼ A warm reminder that you should be cautious about what you drink. You must confirm the source, quality, and freshness of the hydrosols, and be guided by an aromatherapist.

Hydrosols preservation

After all, hydrosols is mostly composed of water, so it is easy to deteriorate. As long as it is bought and used, it may be contaminated.

The shelf life of each type of hydrosols is not the same, remember to ask the merchant before buying, and do your homework:

The four principles of hydrosols preservation

  1. Dispense into vials for each use
  2. Reduce the number of times the original bottle is switched on and off
  3. Original bottle stored deep in the refrigerator
  4. Regularly check whether the hydrosols has suspended matter and whether the smell has changed

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