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4 big tricks to distinguish between real and fake essential oils

Now that the Internet is very developed, when you enter the world of aromatherapy and want to start researching the effects of essential oils, you will definitely search the Internet for information, or even buy books to read. The effect of the book!

4 big tricks to distinguish between real and fake essential oils

There are many brands of essential oils on the market. Today, I will share with you how to choose essential oils to avoid buying fake essential oils.

In the beginning, a few essential oils for beginners are nothing more than lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium, peppermint essential oil, rosemary, these common and versatile essential oils, let’s see how to choose!

Physical store smells

This is the safest way. If you walk into a department store and come to a fragrance brand, the lady at the counter will inevitably introduce it to you all the time.

In addition, I think the essential oil odor identification mentioned in this article is also a good method for odor identification:

Smell the essential oil after dripping it out, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then smell it again, and then again every few hours. If there is no change in the smell of these three times, it is almost certain that this jar of essential oil is a chemically synthesized essential oil!
Because natural essential oils have different changes in smell over time, such as becoming sweeter, or the smell becoming softer and less irritating.

The product is clearly marked

The product labeling of essential oils is like a person’s self-introduction. You will want to know what his name is, where he comes from, and how he came from. So is the essential oil, English name, Latin scientific name (most important), origin, extraction method, and shelf life ( Whether it’s new or not), I will definitely watch it.

The Latin scientific name is like the exclusive name of the plant. There may be many common names in English and Chinese, which may be confusing, but the Latin scientific name clearly indicates the name of the genus and species of the plant, just like an ID card. Check online so you can’t buy the wrong essential oil.

Take the lavender essential oil mentioned above as an example. There are many kinds of lavender essential oil. The most popular and the most relaxing aroma is the real lavender essential oil. If you only write lavender essential oil, you will feel that the label is not clear enough. If you really want to buy from this merchant, you have to go further and ask which lavender essential oil it is.

Some stores with larger product lines sell Fragrance oil and Essential oil for some DIY players to buy. The fragrance is composed of various chemical monomers (chemical molecules, such as linalool, and limonene), and the smell is relatively high. Fixed, generally used for the modulation of perfume.


The price of essential oils is largely determined by the amount of essential oil (extraction rate) of the plant itself, so the price of sweet orange essential oil that squeezes a lot of peels is affordable, while the rare rose essential oil is precious.

The price of essential oils produced by the same plant in different origins is not the same.

Merchant Credibility

When a novice buys essential oils, it is recommended to start with a well-known big brand. After a period of time, there are many new brands created by aromatherapists on the market. If you want to buy it, I would suggest that you follow this brand for a while and see See if the merchant provides some professional knowledge, build brand trust, and buy products with more peace of mind.

I believe that the professional aromatherapists who sincerely manage the brand will not sell the quality of the products that are too bad, otherwise, the goodwill will be damaged and the gains will outweigh the losses.

The above 4 major tricks are the main points that must be paid attention to before purchasing essential oils. The following lists some common problems for your reference.

Buy Essential Oil Q&A

co2 essential oil extraction equipment
co2 essential oil extraction equipment

Organic certification must be good?

Purchasing organic certified essential oils has more guaranteed quality, but from the manufacturer’s point of view, applying for organic certification will require a certain fee, which will be added to the product price.

If consumers consider various safety, it is recommended to buy organic certified essential oil products.

Are water-soluble essential oils pure essential oils?

Before answering this question, you can first go to the wiki encyclopedia to see what essential oils are. From the perspective of essential oils extracted by distillation, if the plant extracts are extracted, the upper layer of essential oils will be produced, and the lower layer will be pure dew. Essential oils and pure dew are mutually exclusive. Compatible, pour the essential oil into the water, and the essential oil will float on the water.

Therefore, it can be determined that the water-soluble essential oil is not pure essential oil, perhaps an emulsifier has been added to make the essential oil soluble in water, or the content is not an essential oil, so it can be dissolved in water.

Does the essential oil smell bad?

Some people will ask, why is the same essential oil sold by this one so different from the other one, is it a fake one?

Essential oils are agricultural products, and they will smell different every year due to various weather factors after they are planted every year.

The same essential oil from different origins has a greater difference in smell because of terrain differences and climatic factors.

Once again, the scientific name is really important, for example:

Helichrysum italicum from Corsica is the best quality, sweet-smelling essential oil with excellent physical and mental healing properties, while Helichrysum gymnocephalum from Madagascar is an essential oil that is very helpful to the respiratory tract. The effects of the two are much different, and the scientific names are completely different.

Do essential oils expire?

Some will, some can be stored beyond the shelf life, and aromatherapy beginners will recommend buying fresh essential oils.

Cold-pressed citrus essential oils smell the best when fresh. I usually buy a can of sweet orange and a can of lemon essential oil a year.

The above is today’s sharing, I hope it will be of great help to you who are choosing the right essential oil.

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