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CO2 Extraction Method for Frankincense Essential Oil

small co2 extraction machine
5L+1L Frankincense Essential Oil CO2 Extraction Equipment

CO2 Extraction Method for Frankincense Oil

Equipment: 5L+1L CO2 Extraction Equipment

Weigh 100g of frankincense powder that has passed through a 40 mesh sieve and load it into an extractor, carry out dynamic extraction under the set extraction conditions, dissolve the supercritical CO2 fluid of frankincense volatile oil, separate from frankincense volatile oil after decompression and cooling, and collect after extraction. Extract, weigh the volatile oil.

Supercritical CO2 extraction method
Supercritical CO2 extraction method

The Best Frankincense Essential Oil CO2 Extraction Process

Eucalyptus powder: 100g;
Granularity: 40 mesh;
Extraction pressure: 150 bar;
Extraction temperature: 35℃;
Separation pressure: 80 bar;
Separation temperature: 56℃;
Time: 120 minutes
Frankincense oil extraction rate: 11.1%.

Supercritical CO2 extraction method
CO2 Extraction Method for Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Oil CO2 extraction method VS distillation

  • Generally, steam distillation is used for the extraction of frankincense oil. The advantage of this method is that it is simple and easy, but it takes a long time and the extraction efficiency is low;
  • The supercritical extraction has the advantages of saving time and sufficient extraction;
  • And because the solvent used for supercritical extraction is CO2, it can be completely dissipated under normal temperature and pressure, and there will be no solvent residue, so it can be used to replace steam distillation;
  • The volatile oil of frankincense is extracted from frankincense powder by supercritical CO2 extraction technology, and the obtained components are complete, pure and retain the original activity.
black pepper oil co2 extraction machine
CO2 Extraction Method for Frankincense Oil

Optimization of Frankincense Essential Oil CO2 extraction process

CO2 Extraction Pressure of Frankincense Essential Oil CO2 extraction process

At lower pressure (5-15MPa), the extraction rate increases rapidly with the increase of CO2 extraction pressure, and the extraction rate is the highest at 15MPa, but when the pressure exceeds 15MPa, the extraction rate shows a downward trend.

This may be because when the pressure is low, as the pressure increases, the density of the CO2 supercritical fluid increases, and its ability to dissolve and penetrate the material also increases, but after the pressure exceeds a certain level, the further increase in the density of the CO2 fluid causes its poor fluidity, the mass transfer rate slows down, which affects the solubility of CO2 fluid, resulting in a decrease in the extraction rate.

black pepper oil co2 extraction equipment
Frankincense Essential Oil CO2 Extraction Equipment

temperature of Frankincense Essential Oil CO2 extraction Method

The effect of temperature on the CO2 extraction rate has two aspects:

The increase of temperature makes the diffusion coefficient of CO2 fluid increase, and the mass transfer rate accelerates, which is beneficial to extraction.
However, the increase in temperature also reduces the density of the CO2 fluid, thereby reducing its dissolving ability, resulting in a lower extraction rate.
At the beginning, with the increase of temperature, the extraction rate of frankincense volatile oil increased, when the temperature reached 35℃, the extraction rate reached the maximum value, and when it exceeded 35℃, the extraction rate decreased again.

CO2 flow of Frankincense Essential Oil CO2 extraction Method

The dynamic CO2 flow rate is large, and the extractant has a large ratio to the extract, which is conducive to the diffusion of the extract from the material to the extractant CO2 fluid and improves the extraction rate. However, if the flow rate of CO2 is too fast, the contact between the CO2 fluid and the material will be insufficient, or the extract will not be separated in the separation kettle in time and then flushed back to the extraction tank, reducing the extraction yield.

extraction time of Frankincense Essential Oil CO2 extraction Method

With the extension of the extraction time, the extraction rate should increase, but it increases to a certain extent and reaches a saturated state, and the extraction rate does not increase any more. Between 0.5-1.5h, the extraction rate increases rapidly, more than 1.5h, the extraction rate increases slowly, and at 2h, the extraction rate has basically reached the limit.

CO2 Extractio Method

There are a total of 7 processes in the common CO2 extraction method:

  1. Biomass drying
  2. Grinding
  3. Fill Biomass
  4. Pressurize with CO2
  5. Run in Closed Loop
  6. Periodically
  7. Depressurize
supercritical CO2 extraction method
supercritical CO2 extraction process diagram
Supercritical CO2 extraction method
Low temperature drying for roses

Biomass (flowers, leaves, seeds, rhizomes, etc.) is much easier to buck when it includes less than 10% moisture.
Dry biomass to moisture content below 10%.
As an alternative to machinery, many farmers let their crops dry in the field. This works well as long as the harvest time is cool and dry.

Supercritical CO2 extraction method
Grinding for cannabis

Once the biomass has been dried, it is granulated. In general, smaller particles (30-80 mesh) are desirable and tighter particle diameter distributions are better for extraction throughput.
Important: Before grinding (pulverizing) large chunks of biomass, it needs to be divided into flakes and sent to a pulverizer for grinding. This avoids the high temperature generated by the high-speed pulverization of biomass in the pulverizer, which destroys the characteristics of the extract and loses part of the essential oil.

CO2 extractor
CO2 extracting kettle

Load Extraction Vessel with biomass.

Bring each vessel to working pressure using CO2 from supply cylinders.

In Extraction Vessel, compounds are pulled from biomass into solution.
Solvent (CO2) is boiled out of solution in Separator 1.
Evaporated CO2 is condensed into liquid and stored in Accumulator.

Supercritical CO2 extraction method
Supercritical CO2 extraction method

Open valve on the separator to collect extract.

After allotted run time, system is depressurized by releasing CO2 through Separator 3.

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