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Supercritical CO2 extraction machine

What is
Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine?

The CO2 Extraction Machine is a highly integrated modern plant extraction system (such as CO2 Essential Oil Extraction Equipment) that uses CO2 gas as a solvent to extract and separate using the physical properties of Supercritical Fluids.
  • High flow rates
  • Variety of extraction methods.
  • Refines extract during the primary extraction while maintaining efficiency and fast speeds.
  • Multi-point pressure monitoring, safe CO2 extraction.
  • Standard with a touchscreen interface to control data logging, temperature, and pressure control.
  • All housed ASME 304 and 316 structural grade stainless steel.
  • Built with GMP compliance.
supercritical CO2 extraction machine

Types of
Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

BIT design, production, and sale of 1oz Tabletop CO2 Extractor to 1lb Small CO2 Extraction Machine up to 3000lb Industry Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machines at very competitive prices.
  1. Extraction pressure: 35MPa up to 105MPa;
  2. Extraction capacity: 10mL up to 9000L.
CO2 extraction machine

What is Supercritical CO2 Extraction?

There are many solvents that can be used for supercritical fluid extraction. Different solvents have different critical properties, and different extraction processes require different solvents. The solvents that can be used for supercritical fluid extraction include ethane, ethylene, propylene, carbon dioxide, etc. CO2 is the preferred solvent.
  • CO2 has good mutual solubility with most organic compounds, and CO2 liquid has greater volatility than extractives, which makes the separation of extractants and extracts easier;
  • Good selectivity, supercritical CO2 exhibits excellent solubility for low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons and low polar lipophilic compounds, such as esters, ethers, lactones, etc.;
  • The critical temperature (31.1℃) is low and the enthalpy of vaporization is low, which is more suitable for industrial production;
  • The critical pressure (7.38MPa) is low and easy to reach;
  • Chemically inert, no danger of combustion and explosion, no toxicity, no corrosiveness, no erosion to equipment, no pollution to products and the environment; and cheap, high-purity CO2 is easy to obtain;
  • In the extraction system, a high concentration of CO2 has the effect of sterilization and anti-oxidation on the product.
tabletop co2 extractor


Supercritical CO2 extraction can be carried out near room temperature (35-40°C) and under the cover of CO2 gas, which effectively prevents the oxidation and escape of heat-sensitive substances. Therefore, the active ingredients of medicinal plants are maintained in the extract, and the substances with high boiling point, low volatility and easy pyrolysis can be extracted at a temperature far below their boiling point; 
  • By adjusting the temperature and pressure, the active ingredients can be fully or selectively extracted or the harmful substances can be removed;
  • Select a suitable solvent such as CO2 to operate at a lower temperature and an oxygen-free environment to separate and refine heat-sensitive substances and easily oxidized substances;
  • Supercritical fluid has good permeability and solubility, and can quickly extract active ingredients from solid or viscous raw materials;
  • Reduce the density of the supercritical phase, it is easy to separate the solvent from the product, there is no solvent pollution, there is no phase change process in the recovery of the solvent, and the energy consumption is low;
  • It has the dual functions of distillation and extraction and can be used for the separation and purification of organic matter.
co2 essential oil extraction equipment

Uses of
Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

Using supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE) technology to extract natural substances, CO2 is the preferred solvent, because the unique characteristics of supercritical CO2 fluid determine that the application range of supercritical CO2 extraction is very wide.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: used for the extraction of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, the purification of heat-sensitive biological products, and the separation of lipid mixtures;
  • Food industry: extraction of hops, extraction of pigments;
  • Fragrance industry: refining of natural and synthetic fragrances;
  • Chemical industry: separation of mixtures.
small co2 extraction machine

How it’s Composed

Our custom solutions incorporate and build on our  more than 30+ years of real-world extraction experiments and CO2 extraction machine manufacturing experience,thousands of lab small CO2 extraction machines,  pilot-scale CO2 extractors, and industry supercritical CO2 extraction machines have been provided to global customers.
  • Extraction system: generally consists of 2 to 3 vessels (up to 6, divided into two groups, the maximum working pressure is between 35 and 50MPa, special customization can reach 105MPa, and the maximum working temperature is 85°C.
  • Separation system: Popular CO2 extraction machines are usually equipped with 2 to 3 extraction vessels and 3 separators: Waxes separation and Light oil separation in 1st separator. Light oil separation in 2nd separator. To trap the lightest and most volatile compounds in 3rd separator.
  • Supercritical fluid creation and closed-loop operation system: a supercritical CO2 fluid system composed of a CO2 high-pressure pump, filter, mixer, and fluid transfer line, where CO2 liquid is created by the high-pressure pump into a supercritical fluid to dissolve extraction in biomass The target, depressurized separation extract becomes the liquid cycle again.
  • Heat exchange system: responsible for providing the energy required for temperature regulation in the extraction vessel and separation vessel
  • Control system: CNC control real-time automatic control of the temperature, pressure and flow of the extraction machine.
supercritical co2 extraction machine manufacturers

How it Works?

The extremely low surface tension, low viscosity, high diffusivity, and tunable solvent strength of supercritical CO2 make it an ideal solution for a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications.
  1. The biomass is dried to a moisture content of less than 10%;
  2. Grind biomass to 40-60 mesh;
  3. Put the biomass into the extraction basket and put it into the extraction vessel;
  4. Start the CO2 extraction machine, introduce CO2 gas into the extraction vessel and create a supercritical CO2 fluid;
  5. Adjust the pressure, temperature, and CO2 flow in the extraction vessel to meet the requirements of the extraction target of biomass;
  6. Adjust the pressure and temperature of the separation vessel group according to the requirements of the extraction target, so that the CO2 fluid loses the supercritical state to a liquid so that the CO2 extract is successfully separated from the gas, and different CO2 extracts (heavy components and light components);
  7. The CO2 liquid is introduced into the gas intermediate storage tank in a closed loop;
  8. The CO2 liquid starts from the gas storage and the intermediate storage tank, and passes through the filter to create the supercritical CO2 fluid again for the next cycle;
  9. After the allotted run time, the system is depressurized by releasing CO2 through Separator 1 or 2 to obtain the CO2 extract.
supercritical fluid extraction machine

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